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Saigon Dreaming: Recollections of Indochina Days

Saigon Dreaming: Recollections of Indochina Days - Tela Zasloff I wish this was longer because there's a lot more I'd like to read and know about Americans living in Saigon in the early sixties. This is a too cursory but personal and candid take on an often overlooked but important circumstance, focusing on the interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics, and from a woman's perspective, which makes it even better. From the chapter Wives:

"She was twitchy, excessively sensitive, and aggressive, approaching people with warm words and a discontented expression around her mouth, sometimes turning away abruptly as if her feelings had been bruised. She always took care to introduce me to people, in an embarrassingly aggressive manner . . ."

Strikes me as the personification of America's early presence in Vietnam.