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Story People - Brian Andreas
"Most people don't know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable and fall asleep and miss your life."

"When she played her music even the night demons stopped their work and it took them some time to remember what it was they were doing and the best of them had no stomach for it for a long time after that."

"There are your fog people and your sun people, he said. I said I wasn't sure which kind I was. He nodded. Fog'll do that to you, he said."

"The singing on her belly-dance records reminded her of the cattle auctions she used to go to with her grandfather and she would sing along softly, fourfiftyfourfiftyfourseventyfivegorgeousgorgeousohmy, she would say. And then she would raise her hands above her head and ripple her body like trees in the wind."

Brian Andreas's whimsical mix of art and musing is my idea of devotional reading. There are several volumes, and I love them all. I routinely pick them up and read again at random to catch a metaphorical breath of fresh air. The drawings are of wood and metal wall sculptures he started out making in a barn with his kids.

I was reading from this one this morning and thought: I wonder if Brian Andreas is on Goodreads? Well, he is, and I am becoming a fan and giving him lots of stars.