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Friends, You Drank Some Darkness, Three Swedish Poets: Harry Martinson, Gunnar Ekelöf & Tomas Tranströmer - Robert Bly
I suspect Bly is the only American capable of doing these poets justice in translation. I don't read Swedish, but have been advised his translations are exceptional and believe it, not that you should believe everything you hear but clearly the four poets are soul brothers. My favorite (after Bly) is Martinson, and for the same reasons, all of which have to do with qualities of language that evoke.

evoke: to call forth or summon as if by the chanting of magical words; to conjure up; to draw forth from within or elicit, in particular a mental image or sensory reaction

I hope this review finds its way to others who get as enthused as I do about exceptional translations that allow the English-bound to explore poetry worldwide.

Creation Night

We met on the stone bridge,
the birches stood watch for us,
the river gleaming like an eel wound toward the sea.
We twisted together in order to create God,
there was a rustling in the grain,
and a wave shot out of the rye.