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A Little Book on the Human Shadow - Robert Bly
From the forward:

-- "What Robert Bly's poetry readings say in effect is, 'You must change your life.' To hear serious poems and resist all change is worse than a waste of time; it is dangerous." --

This is not to say that what you are must go, or that everything must or should change; only that we should continue to evolve, and must continue to evolve if we're to realize our potential, whether alone or together.

The book explores the process of evolving through the shadowed or obscured or truly dark aspects of life and culture, the personal and the political, and the role of poetry in that process.

Not an easy process or read, and this is probably my least favorite read by Bly, but it's still important and good and relatively short. More of a meditation than a critique or polemic, which is the means I prefer when examining the poetic.