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How Music Works: The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds, from Beethoven to the Beatles and Beyond - John        Powell A fun book and helpful to myself, a nonmusician who deeply appreciates music. It puts some basics in perspective, such as: "It is movement that infuses a song with life. It's the movement from key to key which provides a change in mood. The keys themselves don't have moods of their own." And a good ear for such shifts can be helpful on many levels, as well as enhancing one's listening experience. Made me think more fully about music as integral to life, and in a variety of contexts.

As fun and informative as Bill Bryson: "After a lot of argy-bargy it was decided that a bunch of experts in badly cut suits would form a committee and decide once and for all on a group of notes that everybody would use. After a lot of expert discussion they decided on the notes we use today at a meeting in London in 1939. So now, all over the world, all Western instruments have a set of standard notes."

What a fascinating bit to know, I had no idea. Because he's such an engaging writer, I'd have enjoyed more digressions along historical, metaphorical and philosophical lines, but a worthwhile read as is.