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U.S.!: Songs and Stories - Chris Bachelder Too funny. Funny and smart. Probably not your thing if you don't appreciate politics at least in part for the irony, but a must-read for aspiring but lazy leftie do-gooders, naysayers and/or cranks like myself, especially if you've a soft spot somewhere for Upton Sinclair.

A cross of sorts between Philip Roth and Christopher Buckley, but wait, there's more, because he can also do the very different but comparably effective and moving Abbott Awaits: A NovelAbbott Awaits: A Novel that I like just as much.

I'll now defer to the many fine reviews already out there.

"A mad contraption of a novel, an encyclopedia of all our rich American armamentarium of bullshit, cant, ad copy, and hyperbole. But this one carries secret reserves of heartbreak and ruefulness that propel it farther and deeper into the reader's imagination . . ." (Michael Chabon)