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Night Film - Marisha Pessl

Interesting concept, it kept me turning pages, I like the graphics, and I mostly like the ending, especially that she didn't cop-out and leave it up to the reader to imagine whatever about everything. I hesitate to give only 3 stars considering how readily I read. I give 3 stars to books I consider worth finishing but don't much or at all enjoy, and more often than not I did enjoy reading this. But a couple of things bothered me enough that I'm not going with 4 stars.

For example: Various characters spend a lot of time explaining their takes on things, which is ok because this is that kind of book -- a procedural, a mystery following the narrator's investigation. What bugged me was how much alike all the characters started to sound -- how they explained things and spoke, etc.

Another example: The sketchy handling of a couple of Big Events, such as when Scott, the narrator, peers into that crumbling, pitch black, possibly endless tunnel beneath The Peak, likely haunted or rigged by who knows what demonic mojo, and he proceeds to head in with no more than a book of matches. NO. NO ONE would do that EVER for ANY reason short of having to rescue one's own child known to be in said tunnel, and I'm not the sort who can say "oh well, it's just a story," when events take such a preposterous turn.

I loved the rummaging through The Peak soundstages, but even so, that whole "Peak experience" in general fell short, and to simply write off such a Big Event with a, "oh that, well, that was the fans, the fans took over long ago. . ." and something about hallucinogenic plants maybe making him imagine it all . . . NO.

So, an ambivalent 3 stars, because whether it's a worthwhile read or not, I enjoyed it enough to not put it down.