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Rocky Mountain Life Or Startling Scenes And Perilous Adventures In The Far West

Rocky Mountain Life or Startling Scenes and Perilous Adventures in the Far West: During an Expedition of Three Years (1857) - Rufus B. Sage A long but entertaining saga, rife with disasters and debauchery, as evidenced by these titles from Sage’s myriad chapter sections:

A Storm; Pleading for Whiskey; Indian Atrocities; Night Alarm – Prairies on Fire; Drunken Indian; Tragical Event; Scenes of Bloodshed and Horror; Wonderful Feats of Jugglery; Another Drunken Spree; Comical Bear Story; Desperate Encounter with a Grizzly Bear and An Extraordinary Instance of Suffering; Gambling Among Squaws and Games Played; The Extraordinary Daring of Wolves; the Exemplary Benevolence of an Indian Chief; Ludicrous Barbarity, Bravery, Etc.

Odd-man Rufus Sage was a liberal-minded and seriously self-educated New England journalist with the heart and wardrobe of an outdoorsman intent upon "relieving a palpable ignorance of interesting particulars and alleviating in some measure the wide vacuum of general information regarding the American west." After years of exploring and reporting, he ventured into national politics and abolitionism before settling down to care for his dear aging mother.

I'm pretty sure it was first published in 1854.