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Old Times and Places

Old Times and Places - Jack M. Seaman
Priceless personal vignettes and photos of life in Washakie County and the lower Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, mostly 1920s through 1950s. Self-published by a native and long-time and colorful resident, and somehow the lack of copy editing just makes it feel more authentic.

Here's a sample.

A photo of the Old Red Barn accompanies the following.

A familiar sight in downtown Hyattville is this historic old livery barn still being used when I was living there during the 1930s.

After the older people quit using this barn, the kids around town kind of decided it was theirs. We had lots of fun in this old barn. One time the older kids and the younger kids started out having a rubber gun war, and soon the older boys had us cornered in the barn. Several of the boys went home then and got real guns and started shooting at us. It was not too long until some men heard the commotion from the nearby bar and put an end to our little conflict.

Fortunately before anyone got shot, as far as I know!

And here's some insider info on logistics, which is also paired with a photo:

No place in Wyoming was there a more scenic drive in my opinion than the old U.S. Highway 16 winding its way up the south side of Ten Sleep Canyon. This view is from the area affectionately referred to by old timers as Split Rock.

Leo Rhodes an early day merchant in the town of Ten Sleep would tell of the coming of spring when a group of men from both Ten Sleep and Buffalo on the other side of the mountain would grab their scoop shovels and head for the mountain. The men would shovel out the snow drifts as they proceeded up the highway. At some point near the top of the mountain the two crews would meet, and the road would be open for travel for the coming summer. Snow plows have kept U.S. 16 open year-round now for many years.