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Hill of Dreams

Hill of Dreams - Arthur Machen
"Literature," he re-enunciated in his mind," is the sensuous art of causing exquisite impressions by means of words."

And by that standard we may rule this a fine if somewhat strained (re: re-enunciated) work of literature by an early 20th century writer ruled a master of fantasy and horror by H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, two authors I enjoy in occasional binge doses and admire.

More specifically it's a lush lit-goth story and frightening fever dream about the trials and tribulations of writing literature, or more precisely about being a failed writer of literature. Beware the muse. A fantastically dense but brief enough read to do in a day, and thank god I did not have to drag it out or I may have slit my wrists, as there happens to be on my computer desktop a folder formerly called "epic" recently renamed "epic fail." You could call this a timely introduction to Machen, and may, as I did, learn more about him at http://www.litgothic.com/Authors/machen.html

And now for some Eckhart Tolle.